AiLi cosmetics


“Make the risk smaller to grow your business”.
Completely follows you up from product planning and after the production.

“We want to make original cosmetics, removing allergic substances”.
AILI follows up such hope with utmost effort.

OEM Contract Production

“We want to make original cosmetics, but I don’t know where to begin…”
For such a customer, AILI’s small-lot OEM contract production completely follows up from zero to delivery and even after delivery, including product planning/development, manufacturing/selling and responses to the pharmaceutical affairs law.

OEM 受託製造・販売促進

OEM Business Development Follow-Up

AILI has provided OEM cosmetics to companies in various industries.

Nowadays, more companies are not obsessed with managing their company in a single industry but are challenging different industries, seeking for a business chance.
Even for those companies with no relation to industries like cosmetics, it is possible to make use of their business style, technology and brand image in their industry. By taking advantage of the fortune you have built up so far, you can manufacture and sell cosmetics with greater originality.

We follow up companies which enter the cosmetic industry for the first time and even individual customers by providing every possible support from zero to delivery.

  • Original Cosmetics

  • Main IndustriesIndustry of cosmetics / Industry of health care / Medical-related industry / Industry of distribution /
    Industry of apparel / Industry of hair, etc / Industry of esthetic treatments

  • Method of SalesDoor-to-door sales / Self-service sales / Face-to-face sales / Internet sales

  • End User

OEM Global Business Development Follow-Up

AILI also provides OEM cosmetics to overseas companies mainly in South Korea and Taiwan as well as Western countries.
Chance is not only inside the country.
For those companies and individual customers who want to challenge overseas sales, please feel free to contact us.

AILI’s Follow-Up

AILI aims to propose “plans/products which would fulfill your hopes” at the right timing.
We firmly support your cosmetic business until you succeed, committing ourselves to do things carefully, speedily and flexibly.

Speedy and Flexible Responses

For those companies and individual customers who would like to make cosmetics, please contact us with AILI’s contact form or by phone.
After hearing your request, we start making product samples.
“I want to leave everything to you, from zero”.
“I’d like to request for manufacturing only”
“I haven’t obtained the cosmetic manufacturing and distribution license. Is that all right?”, etc.
We respond to any requests and concerns in a speedy and flexible manner.

Follow-Up Systems

We follow you up with utmost effort at every step of a process, before and after the release.
For example, our specialised staff help you with a survey on the usability of product samples (monitor test), proposals on container design and procurement of containers.
We also firmly follow you up from zero and after the release, including the handling of new ingredients and the release of redesigned products.

Proposals on Sales Strategies

Regarding market survey, pharmaceutical affairs law, response to cumbersome contents etc., we follow you up with utmost effort so that your cosmetics will be “salable products”.

Surveys on Market Needs

Using our achievements in the past and observation skills to analyze consumer needs, we conduct necessary market researches.
We make the most of the result in manufacturing cosmetics.

Proposals on Products

Based on your requests, we embody the product features, ingredients and flavors in product samples.

AILI’s Attitude

Making use of our long years of experience and know-how in the formulation development of beauty products, we give “shape” to your “dream”.

  • Development of Formulation
    In order to embody your image/concept, we always carry out research and development.
  • Proposals on Raw Materials
    We make possible the combination of various raw materials because we have the expert knowledge about raw materials that we have accumulated in our experience and achievements. The expertise leads to proposals on products with great originality.
  • Usability Evaluation Test
    Pursuing the comfortable use of daily-use cosmetics is the first step for salable product. Our experienced staff aim to offer products which can be offered to end-users with security by repeating the usability evaluation test again and again.
  • High Quality
    Based on the samples we made, we manufacture products in a thorough quality control system. We provide high-quality products not only to customers in Japan but also to overseas customers.
  • Small-Lot Productions
    AILI makes possible the productions with various types and small lot. We aim to improve the productions efficiency every day to realise low cost and high quality.

Small-Lot OEM
Flow of OEM: from zero and after production

  • Meeting on requested products

  • Proposals on product planning

  • Meeting on sample development/specification

  • Modification of samples/selection of containers

  • Determination of product specification/preliminary estimates

  • Determination of product formulation/product design

  • Final estimate

  • Response to various regulations

  • Production/delivery/follow-up

AILI’s small-lot OEM contract production completely follows you up,
from zero to delivery, including after-delivery.