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Moisturizing Formula

For those hoping for a smoother, moister, tauter skin.

Mink oil liquid* (moisturizing component)

<Cosmetic Oil>30mL

Paraben-free/free of mineral oils/free of synthetic fragrances/free of artificial coloring

Mink oil is a natural oil that has been used over a long time mainly for the purpose of moisturization, by people living in the extreme cold of the Arctic circle who were often tormented by wrinkles and chapped skin caused by dryness.
Mink oil contains palmitoleic acid, which is one of the fatty acid compositions, and moisturizes the skin and keeps it smooth.
Because it is gentle to the skin, the oil is used popularly and widely by the older people who are concerned about wrinkles, blemishes, and freckles, as well as those with weak skin.

After preparing skin with toner, take an adequate amount in clean hands, and gently apply to face and other areas of choice.

【All Components】Min oil*, Tocopherol


Precautions for Use

●When using for the first time, test on places other than your face such as the back of the hand.

●Be careful for any irregularities that may occur on your skin.

●Do not use when you have irregularities on your skin such as scars or rashes.

●Stop using if it does not suit your skin.

●Take care not to let the liquid enter your eyes. If it does, do not rub, and wash out immediately with cold or lukewarm water.

●If symptoms such as redness, swollenness, itchiness, irritation, color loss (white spot), or blackening occur, stop using and consult specialists such as dermatologists. Continuing usage with may exacerbate your condition.

●Keep out of child’s reach.

●Avoid places that are overly hot, cold, humid, and direct sunlight.

●Tighten cap securely after use.

●You may see sediments but they will not affect the quality of the product, since the components are organic.

●The liquid may become cloudy or solidify when kept in a cold temperature environment. In such cases, wait till the liquid is back to normal temperature then use.

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